Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

Starting a Blog on $0

Want to start a blog but have $0 to spare? When the recent down turnings of the economy, more and more people are turning to blogging as a way to make some spare change. Although blogging isn’t a get rich quick method, it is a great source for additional income. You can easily start up a blog, market it, and gain significant traffic before ever having to pay for hosting or your own domain–a huge plus to those who can’t afford to start a new website.

Steps we will take in this article

  1. Discover what a blog is.
  2. Discuss why you should start a blog.
  3. Learn how to start a blog for free.
  4. Uncover how to write blog copywrite.
  5. Find ways to market your blog for free.

What is a blog?

Blog is short for weblog. A web log is an online journal or newsletter which is updated frequently and allows visitors to comment on the articles. This website is a blog, for example.

Why you should start a blog

  • It’s a great way to gain small business exposure.
  • Extra income.
  • Blow some free time.
  • Keep a personal diary to tell the world about your adventures.
Of course, no matter what your reason, the $0 start-up rule remains the same. It is possible.

How to start a blog for free

  1. Sign up for It has limited functionality, but it is great for those just starting out. Plus, it allows you to setup Google ads.
  2. Choose an appropriate name for your blog. This should be something short and easy to remember. Throw out anything longer than three words.
  3. Choose a nice looking theme. You can create your own later or find a ree one.
  4. Customize the layout by going to layout/page elements.
    1. Click ‘Edit’ in the Blog Posts area. Select ‘Show Email Post Links’ and ‘Show Ads Between Posts’. You will have to sign up for AdSense first.
    2. Click ‘Add a Gadget’. Find the Gadget titled ‘Subscription Links’ and click the plus button. Press save.
    3. Press the orange ‘Save’ button at the top.

How to write blog copywrite

Now that you are signed up for blogger and have your template, you can begin posting. Here are a few articles to help you on your way to good blog copywriting:
  • Be Productive: Write Ahead OR Emergency Articles
  • Be Productive: Take Notes
  • Be Productive: Set Work Hours
  • Blogging Tip: Be Yourself
  • How to Write Great Content and Keep Visitors Interested

Find ways to market your blog for free

There are many opportunities for blogs to market themselves for free.
  1. Submit your blog to blog directories and regular directories.
  2. Use delicious.
  3. Submit your posts to BloggingZoom.
  4. Create widgets for Google, Facebook, and BeBo. Be sure to include a link back to your blog.
  5. Put a link to your blog on all your social profiles (Facebook, MySpace).
  6. Join Twitter and converse.
  7. Hold contests (May or may not be free, depending on your talents).
  8. Create a web design and submit it to galleries.
  9. Write articles and submit them to article directories.
  10. Write guest posts.
Once your blog starts producing money, you will have to make a decision on moving to a paid host or staying with Blogspot. There are advantages and disadvantages for both:

Moving to a new host

  • It is easier to market a domain than a blogspot blog to clients. e.g. it is easier to remember and more trust worthy.
  • You have the freedom to use the advertising you want.
  • There are better blog platforms out there.
  • You will lose some readers.
  • You will have to start your branding over.

Staying with Blogspot

  • You know the platform.
  • You keep all links and marketing efforts.
It is up to you on what to do next. The best advice anyone can give you is to stay active, keep writing and be patient. Most businesses fail within their first 6 months because they don’t expand their knowledge, stay patient, or plan ahead. If you can do those things, you will already be ahead 99% of your competition.